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22 Oct 2019 8:23 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

by:  Eileen Melody, CSCA Chairman

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am writing to share that the CSCA Governing Board is working diligently to live the CSCA vision and meet the goals of our association.  The CSCA Vision is: “The Connecticut School Counselor Association (CSCA) is the organization in the state that promotes leadership and creates a professional school counseling identity.  This is achieved by connecting, supporting, and empowering school counselors through professional learning and advocacy.”  

Our goals are purposefully worded as actions.  I’d like to update you with a sampling of the ways the Governing Boards is working  towards these goals.

Goal 1:  The CSCA advocates for the role of school counselors with all stakeholders. 

  • The Government Relations and Advocacy Committee (GRAC) recently emailed a survey to members asking for feedback to help determine the CSCA’s policy priorities for the upcoming legislative session.  The feedback received will drive the GRAC’s approach and “asks” of the legislature.

Goal 2:  The CSCA promotes equitable access to a comprehensive school counseling program to ensure student success.  

  • The CSCA recently held a Round Table discussion to address the issue of equity in the school counseling workforce.  Research supports the concept that a diverse school counseling workforce provides role modeling to the nearly 50% of the Connecticut student body which is of color.  One idea from this Round Table is that the CSCA should create as outreach a Community for School Counselors of Color.

Goal 3:  The CSCA provides professional learning opportunities aligned with state and national standards. 

  • The CSCA leadership is working alongside the State Department of Education in developing new standards and student competencies which will drive the work of school counseling in Connecticut.  The new framework is in its final drafting phase and will be vetted in early November.

Goal 4:  The CSCA works to build a diverse, active board that is representative of School Counselors inclusive of all levels and settings. 

  • The CSCA has reached out to members to become active on the Governing Board and Committees.  Members have responded by nominating themselves or others for the elections held in May and responded to the call again this fall.  As a result, the CSCA has added more males and people of color to the Board and Committees.  

Goal 5:  The CSCA serves its membership by building, empowering and connecting a professional community.

  • This fall the CSCA Vice-presidents, Vice-president elects, level liaisons have been hosting numerous social gatherings, networking opportunities and quality professional learning throughout the state for members to create a supportive, enlightening professional community.  

Goal 6:  The CSCA maintains an organizational structure and administrative procedures that facilitate the achievement of goals. 

  • The CSCA Governing Board and Board of Directors meets bimonthly guided by an established agenda in which all Governing Board members and Board of Directors are encouraged to contribute.  Members provide updates on activities in the various counties and levels. The CSCA Committees meet under the direction of Committee Chairmen both in person and by ZOOM to determine yearly goals and to discuss progress towards these goals.

As Chairman, I am grateful for the continuous efforts of the Governing Board and Board of Directors to achieve the CSCA’s goals.  Please reach out to me at

to share your ideas and feedback about the CSCA’s work towards these goals and vision.

Written by: Eileen Melody, CSCA Chairman

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Voicemail: 203-699-6320

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